COVID 19 Safety Plan

Implemented Worksafe BC Guidelines:

  • Completed workplace risk assessment and put the following measures into place:
  • Involved all staff in new protocols, expectations and fully trained to ensure Worksafe BC guidelines are implemented.
  • Ensured rotating staff schedules and implemented text ahead guidelines for staff to reach out to one and other to ensure office and laundry room is only utilized by one staff at a time to allow for distancing.
  • Advised staff to be vigilant with hand washing and physical distancing.
  • Identified tools and equipment needed in order to adhere to Worksafe BC protocols and ensure protection of guests and staff at all times, such as recommended cleaning products that contain bleach,
  • Hepa/exhaust vacuum, PPE masks gloves and eye protection.
  • Staff have been trained on disinfecting high touch surfaces such as lights, doorknobs and remotes.
  • Reviewed industry specific recommendations and have had staff read through recommendations.
  • Posted guidance on hand washing and use of PPE by staff and have pamphlets in all accommodations.
  • Made mandatory that staff wait 3 hours minimum before entering accommodations to begin work. We have also put a one-day block in wherever possible.
  • Each rental has occupancy limits posted online, only registered guests are permitted at the property.
  • Removed high touch/ unnecessary items such as books, DVD’s, excess dishes, pots/pans cutlery, spices, board games, coffee makers
  • Reduced amenities for each stay and unused will be bagged and not used for 14 days.
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