View private vacation rentals on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet BC


Are your dates flexible? For your convenience located at the bottom of this listing page is a Bulk Vacation Rental Date Search Calendar.  


All vacation rentals have a 2 or more night minimum, if you select less than 2 or 3 nights using the search bar just below zero properties will show available due to the minumum night requirement.


Bulk Vacation Rental Calendar Date Search


Are your dates flexible?
OnIf your dates are flexible use only the two blue circles with arrows to jog the calendar forward to future dates.  This will allow you to see any dates that maybe be available during a peak season month where availability is limited.


How to Book Online - Mobile Devices
On a mobile device, you must click on the date TWICE. The first click will show the rates and rules. The second click will allow you to select the number of nights and to book online. On a mobile device you can swipe your finger to scroll through the dates or you can use the traditional forward and back buttons.

How to Book Online - Normal
Move your cursor over each date to display the rates and rules for each property for that date. Click the date to select the number of nights required and to book online.