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Ucluelet Salmon Charters - Guided Salmon and Halibut fishing charters in Ucluelet, BC. Welcome to Tofino and Ucluelet's fishing charter directory, fishing the west coast of Vancouver Island is exciting with explosive action during most months of the year.  Best times to fish are starting in March till early October with peak months being July, August and early September.  During these months limits of Chinook, Coho, Halibut are caught everyday.  If  you have your own boat when sport fishing in Tofino or Ucluelet waters offshore or along the shoreline make sure you have all saftey equipment, maps and electronics such as radar, gps, flares and  a vhf and a back up motor is definitely a good idea.   It's always a good idea when fishing unformiliar waters to book a charter this way you will be catching fish not trying to find the hot spots for the first few days and returning home with a half full cooler.  Book a charter and get the results you are looking for and that's non stop action!


Ucluelet Salmon Fishing ChartersUcluelet Salmon Fishing Charters


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This time of the year is considered prime time for sports fishing here on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Fantastic inshore and offshore Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and halibut fishing, often only minutes from Ucluelet, make for non-stop action.  Large mixed runs of Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and halibut begin to migrate and feed in the Ucluelet and Tofino inshore and offshore areas, following thick balls of baits such as herring, pilchards (sardines), needlefish, squid and krill - all favourite delicacies of both species of salmon and the halibut as well. Ucluelet has the most consistent and dependable fishing on the British Columbia coast due to its location and access to the migrating salmon and halibut, and the nutrient-rich offshore and inshore water. Successful catch limits of Chinook salmon, Coho salmon and halibut are normal for this time of the year. Chinook salmon average from 5 to 50 plus pounds while halibut are generally 15 to 40 pounds on average. At West Coast Fish Expeditions - based in Ucluelet and having fast access to Tofino areas as well we are "on the Hot Spot" to offer our customers excellent service with salmon and halibut fishing charters that produce!


During the winter and early spring we offer much more than just great salmon fishing, but an entire west coast seafood harvesting experience. At Westcoast Fish we want to share with you the pleasures of catching your own ocean bright winter Chinook salmon, fresh crabs, prawns, oysters and clams. Come aboard and learn the finer techniques of harvesting your own seafood delights.  While we run around the majestic Barkley Sound harvesting these tasty seafood treats, enjoy some of the finest nature viewing on the west coast. Regular viewings of gray, humpback and orca whales, sea lions, seals and soaring bald eagles make for a true westcoast experience. During the winter months most of our fishing, seafood harvesting and nature viewing is done in Barkley Sound where we are protected from the open ocean swells, making for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.  Great winter Chinook salmon fishing in Barkley Sound and offshore banks (weather permitting) produce fish averaging 8 to 20 plus pounds. Herring move into Barkley Sound to spawn in the winter months making December, January, February and March primetime for these aggressive feeding Chinook salmon. Halibut and bottom fish can also be very abundant during the winter months. Don't forget, this is also the best time for Dungeness crabs, prawns, oysters and clams.